Family Business: Education Governance & The Dinner Table

My dad called education the “family business.” He taught for over 25 years in a mid-sized district in Northern California before turning to administration for the last decade. During his teaching career, both my grandparents (his dad and step-mom) served on the school board of the district. They debated policy endlessly, sometimes agreeing on recent … Read more

Third Generation School Board Member Seeks Evidence

I have been “around” school board work since I was 1-year-old, when my dad joined the local school board in my hometown. More than 30 years later, my dad is still on the local school board – never once taking a break. As I moved through the public K-12 school in my hometown, I remember … Read more

School Board Junky Wants Answers

The United States doesn’t have just one K-12 public education system — we have over 13,500 different ones. Our schools are organized around geographic school district, and at the top of each sits a board of directors, typically elected by voters. The decisions school board members make impact almost every aspect of a student’s educational … Read more

Former Teacher Curious About Messy School Boards

Despite having been a public middle school teacher, I was never attuned to the behavior of school boards. Rather, upon entering grad school, my interest jumped up a level, from the classroom to the statehouse. Consequently, up to this point, my research has focused mostly on the politics of education at the state level. I … Read more

Not Bored Of School Boards Yet

I fell asleep in the first board of education meeting I ever attended. I was 19 and interning at the Maryland State Department of Education. I can’t remember exactly what the subject of the meeting was, other than it had to do with Race to the Top, but I do know that I had to … Read more